A Place of Her Own

I was sitting in my recliner last night, feet propped up with two blankets on. I had my laptop, Kindle Fire, phone, and good intentions for a manuscript for a novel all in my lap when Iris happened. Remember that cute little gray girl cat I have? Well, I still have her and she still likes laps.

I had just finished a bowl of soup and she decided she wanted a place of her own…on my lap. She hopped up into the chair with me and circled around all the stuff in my lap. She decided there was too much clutter and it needed to go.

First, as she was circling to find the perfect spot, her tail swept several sheets of my manuscript onto the floor. Next, she started “making biscuits” meaning she was paw-pawing the blanket. Her paws scooped up a binder clip that had held my manuscript together and knocked that on the floor followed by my phone.

I took the hint. I moved everything off my lap and made room for her. Then she left. Cats!

Note: She came back about ten minutes later and curled up. Ridiculous little girl!


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